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Welcome to the Greenside Animal Hospital website and online shopping portal!

Dogs on wall Greenside Animal Hospital Johannesburg

If you are looking for a vet, a veterinary practice, a veterinary clinic or an animal hospital for your small animals in the Greenside, Emmarentia, Parkview, Parkhurst, Westcliff or Forest Town area of Johannesburg, look no further. Greenside Animal Hospital is the veterinary practice for you. Look out for the two dogs on the corner! We are one of the first vets in Johannesburg to offer you the opportunity to buy your pet food online. Click on the shop button for our shop.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our website and also visit us soon at 32 Muirfield Road, Greenside. Feel free to bring any of your pets to us.  It is recommended that your pet has a once a year check-upIf we do not have the expertise in house to attend to any special species or breed of animal you may have, we will make sure we give you a referral to the best specialists in that particular area of animal care. 

To get a better idea of the services we offer at Greenside Animal Hospital please watch our practice video. We want you to get the most from your visit to us. 

Greenside Animal Hospital has moved to our temporary hospital  around the corner at no. 32 Muirfield Road. This is the building behind the current Greenside Animal Hospital to the left hand side, if you are facing the current building.

We have spent the past few months preparing and converting the property at 32 Muirfield Road into a temporary veterinary hospital. The reason for the move is that our current building at 252 Barry Hertzog Avenue will be demolished to make way for a brand new Hospital building.

This year, 2015, Greenside Animal Hospital is 72 years old! This makes us one of the oldest private veterinary practices in South Africa. We are very proud of our tradition of excellent quality veterinary care. As our current facility no longer meets the requirements of 21st century veterinary care, it was incumbent on us to do a renovation. This renovation was actually planned for June 2002 and was delayed for 10 years as a result of Dr. Viljoen’s motorvehicle accident.

After much deliberation and planning with our architects, it was decided that it would be better, and more cost effective, to demolish the current structure completely rather than trying to maintain parts of the old infrastructure and building. In one sense we are sad to say goodbye to the old building because there are so many wonderful memories of “Sharing the Care” tied up in this old building. In another sense we are excited about the prospect of continuing to share the care way into the future, in a facility which meets the needs of modern veterinary medicine and surgery.

We have created ample parking space in front of the temporary veterinary hospital at 32 Muirfield Rd and have created two separate doors, one as entrance and the other as exit, to make coming in and going out of the building as convenient as possible. The temporary hospital will have two consulting rooms, which means that our capacity will already be doubled from our current building, where we only had one consulting room in the old building. We would like to assure you of the highest level of veterinary care during the time of the renovation.

At this point in time we anticipate that the building of the new facility will take approximately nine months to complete. We will stock all the same products, and render all the same services as we currently do, during the time of the renovation. For all intents and purposes it will be veterinary care “as usual”, except that we will be providing it from a different address.

Please look at our plans for the new intended hospital and also visit us on Facebook. Should you have any questions or comments about the temporary or the new facility, please give us a call on 011-646-4210, or speak to us during a visit. 

During our renovation you can continue to shop online and have your premium pet food delivered to the comfort of your home or office.

Yours sincerely

Drs. Joubert Viljoen & Suzette Greubel and the Greenside Healthcare Team





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